Idaho Wing

Idaho CAP saves lives

The Idaho Wing has a proud history of search and rescue work that has resulted in multiple lives saved. Wing members teamed up with the 40th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron at Mountain Home in 1982 to save the lives of eight hunters who went missing 30 miles southeast of Challis. They followed that feat just two years later by helping find five 11-year-old boys. During that same year, wing members made a sixth save after transporting blood from Boise to Idaho Falls.

The wing’s experience transporting blood was used after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to provide blood and medical supplies for the American Red Cross. CAP pilots also airlifted an antidote to a hospital to save two men whose skin and lungs were exposed to deadly cyanide fumes.

In 2014, members helped rescue a family of four stranded after a mudslide near the north fork of the Boise River. Volunteers searched for the plane through heavy snow showers and below-freezing temperatures. Pilots flew six sorties for more than 12 hours, while volunteers searched on foot and horseback.

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